[After recently launching late hip-hop artist Chinx’s YAY Apparel clothing line, manager Biggs talks to SOHH about overseeing the brand.]

I’m overseeing the entire YAY brand. I have been since inception and now I have the help of Chinx’s wife, Janeli, and his brother, cousins and family members.

When we started the brand, it was kind of loud and in your face. It had the big font with the hashtag YAY because we wanted it to trend.

We accomplished that mission and did it with the jerseys. But you’ll see there’s denim and joggers which aren’t heavily branded at all. It’s a lot more refined because we want those pieces to be staple pieces that you can mix and match.

A tee shirt, we don’t mind a lot of colors and it can be loud, but the pieces that hang in your closet or you may wear to work or to the clubs, they should be staple pieces and we feel like those should be more refined.

As far as direction and styling, I take a lot of my cues from things that I think Chinx would wear or things that I have seen him wear in the past because he was such a trendsetter with style.

We’ve tried to shape and mold things like the varsity jacket. It’s something that he would totally wear in the coming months as the season gets cooler. You can look at the denim jackets, it’s pressed and has a little flare of style over the shoulder and on the back. Those are things you actually see Chinx wear. That’s any designer we’ve worked with or any collaborations or any pieces that we include to the line, we’re going to put that first.

We want to make sure we do what makes sense to the founders. Is it something we would wear? Is it something that communicates well to our audience? We’re going to keep that going.

To get your hands on Chinx’s YAY Apparel, just click here.