[With a well-received “Welcome To JFK” album and YAY Apparel line both thriving in retail outlets, late hip-hop artist Chinx’s manager Biggs gives SOHH an update on his family.]

Chinx’s wife Janelli is diving in creatively with some ideas for the female side of the brand and the children’s side.

We’re actively working on establishing a non-profit organization for her to be able to speak at and continue to be the example of all the women who may be widows of violence.

I think she’s been a huge example and inspiration to people across the world based on the strength she’s showing with everything she does.

His brother is following suit in the fact that everyone is lending a hand and they understand how important the brand was to Chinx.

When you look at everything we do, it’s not the typical cookie cutter stuff.

We shot the first video and included his wife and children because we didn’t want to do anything typical. When we came with the YAY approach and its music video, we put the YAY line as much as we could in it while including Chinx because it’s a branding opportunity.

These are things that Chinx wanted.

People respect the brand and Chinx as an artist.

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