[SOHH highlights a hot record every week and offers a behind-the-scenes look at the smash in Singled Out. After Damond Blue dissected his “Lemme Talk My Ish” anthem, late rapper Chinx’s manager Biggs breaks down the Stack Bundles-assisted “Far Rockaway” anthem.]

The only record Chinx didn’t have a say on was the record with Stack Bundles. There were a couple of things that we said we had to have on the project.

For one, we wanted it to communicate with what his core audience has been for a while, which is females. So he has some melodic stuff on there but we also wanted to pair him with Stack Bundles.

Stack had passed and he had a lot of great music but once he passed, we never had a chance to get a real project. We got these mixtapes and random records here and there.


It was going to be hard enough creating a record without Stack being here and Chinx was going to do his thing, but once we had to deal with the situation of them both passing, it was a mountain but that was the determination.

We said we were going to have this on the project and we did everything that we needed to do to fulfill that. We have it. So now you have Chinx and Stacks on a verse which is huge for New York and huge for hip-hop and it’s huge for where we come from.

I come from Far Rockaway, these were two guys that unfortunately got taken away from us before they could hit their peak but they were both definitely in their stride.

They are on the same record and the streets are going to have something they can listen to and rock with.

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