[With a long-awaited “Welcome To JFK” album arriving this Friday (August 14), late New York rapper Chinx’s manager Biggs gives SOHH an update on the unsolved May 2015 fatal shooting.]

I tell people all the time, hip-hop and the hip-hop community, you always have this thing where you’re snitching if you saw something or say something and I say to people all the time, “If you go and do a crime and then you tell on somebody else to keep from doing time, then you’re snitching.”

If you sit and know something about someone being murdered, somebody’s life being cut short, and you provide information to something like that, that’s not snitching.

That’s doing the right thing.

I tell people all the time, “If you know something, say something.” Let’s not be a community that allows injustice to take place and nobody does anything about it.

The only way these things get swept under the rug is if we don’t keep the pressure on there and demand answers.

With that being said, I’m sure the police department is doing what they’re supposed to do and they probably have more information than what they’re telling us but it’s an open investigation.

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