[In celebration of the NFL season beginning this week, SOHH is kicking things off with your favorite rappers boasting about their top teams. Closing things out, rap veteran Chino XL bigs up his Oakland Raiders while Xzibit rides the hype.]

Okay, I’m just going to say this. This is a tough road I have sometimes but since a kid, I’ve been going with Raider Nation.

I go back to the Raider Nation as a kid when Lester Hayes was putting all that stickum on his hands, my n*gga. I go all the way back. I go back to when I was in New Jersey and most of my friends were all Dallas Cowboys fans.

Honestly, so many n*ggas still got Tony Dorsett posters on their wall. It was serious. And then of course there were the New York Giants and Lawrence Taylor was popular when I was a kid. There were also a lot of Pittsburgh Steelers fans too.

I just always gravitated toward the Raiders on some skull and crossbones sh*t and then eventually migrating to the West about 17 years ago kind of was like a perfect fit or whatever. I would say the Raiders have experienced some problems as we know but I’m optimistic this year.

I’ve got faith in Carson Palmer. I’ve got faith in him but like I said, it’s going to take some work. With the Raiders, I always worry about not just the coaches but I worry about the staff and the company. Sometimes I feel like they don’t let the coaches do certain things they want to do. I just hope they can get into a good system. -Chino XL

Ay man, you gonna be mad at me. I don’t really watch sports. I don’t watch none of that sh*t. I mean I watch the big sh*t like the playoffs and all that, but I got too much sh*t to do.

I watch the Super Bowl! You know how n*gga get down, I watch the NBA play-offs and all that, but as far as knowing the stats, who’s the running back of this team? I don’t even know what the f*ck the running back does.

Where is he running and why is he running backwards? [Laughs]. Nah, [I’m] not that bad, but I don’t really get into it like that. -Xzibit