After Chingy hit up SOHH and revealed his reasons for taking nearly a four-year hiatus from music, the St. Louis rapper now explains what ultimately motivated his return.

According to Chingy, his ultimate love for music and unwillingness to quit sparked his return to the studio.

“The passion for music lies in your heart and it’s laid in my heart since I was a kid, six or seven years old,” Chingy told SOHH. “You get discouraged. When I was coming up, before I got in this business I got discouraged and said, ‘Man, I ain’t doing this no more, forget this.’ Because it was hard trying to make it. Once you get in the business, you’re going through so many things, you got so many people who dislike you, people who like you, there’s just so many things that go on like lies and rumors that circle around you. And then you have to deal with your personal life and what you’re going through that it comes to a point where you get sick of it and it all stems from your career and what you’re doing. All of these problems came from who you became. Some people get sick of that and don’t want to deal with that no more because they’ve dealt with it for so long and people just want to live normal lives. They want to back out of the spotlight.” (SOHH)

Chingy also pointed out other artists like Nelly and Soulja Boy who dealt with family losses and still managed to continue their careers.

“Some people take things very hard like Nelly after he lost his sister,” Chingy added. “I knew Jackie, she was a very sweet person. She was the nicest lady you could ever meet. So I’m sure that really, really hurt him and made him reevaluate things. Soulja Boy just recently lost somebody close to him. His brother. So I’m sure his career and losing his brother affected him as well. And the same goes for me. These people don’t see all of that and it’s crazy. Sometimes we want to be normal and live normal lives and get away from all that.” (SOHH)

Earlier this week, Chingy told SOHH his hiatus was related to family and friend losses.

“When I was gone for the three and a half years, off the scene, people really got to understand that I have a personal life, and in that personal life I lost a lot of close people to me,” Chingy told SOHH. “I lost three of my closest friends, I lost my auntie, I lost my little cousin, I lost my girl cousin, I lost my granddaddy, I lost a couple of friends. People don’t see that. They just see that you don’t have a song on the radio and you [haven’t released] a video. They don’t see your real life and the things you go through. A lot of these people [no longer being around] hurt me and I didn’t even want to make music. I was sick of the whole life. I just got sick of it. I was still working on music but I just didn’t care about being in the light because I was going through so much. And with going through that and having to deal with all these fake rumors that were fabricated, I was going through a lot and people didn’t know saying, ‘Oh, he doesn’t have a song or CD out.’ They’re not seeing what I’m going through and can’t see my personal life. They’re on the outside looking in.” (SOHH)

Chingy is currently putting together a new album called No Risk, No Reward 13.

“The album is called No Risk, No Reward 13 because if you don’t take those risks, you won’t get where you need to get in life,” he told “And the ’13’ represents rebirth. So for me, this is the rebirth of my presence as an artist, not that I’ve been dead but I’ve been musically out for the last three to four years so it’s the rebirth of Chingy.” (Rap-Up)

Check out some recent Chingy footage below:

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