Chingy has addressed recent rumors claiming he was sexually involved with transsexual rapper Foxxjazell in the past.

Labeling the gossip as fake, Chingy pointed out why the claims should not be taken seriously.

“I wake up to people hitting me about some bullsh*t radio show,” Chingy said in a video. “I don’t have a secret lifestyle my n*gga. I didn’t know somebody could hate a n*gga that much to where they would actually go and make this sh*t up…They can eat a d*ck ’cause that’s just outta line…The transsexual they tryin’ to say that the sh*t happened with, I don’t even know that person. Never seen that person a day in my life. Only thing that person knew was my name and who don’t know my real name? I say my real name in my motherf*cking raps so everyone knows I’m Howard Bailey. But you know, that’s just some funny sh*t, what they’re trying to pull off.” (YouTube)

The “Right Thurr” rapper was addressing an interview which hit the Internet over the weekend.

“Howard Bailey,” Foxxjazell said in an interview. “You learn those things when you’re intimate with a person…Honestly, it started off as a one night thing, and you know, it kinda turned into one of those things where he came to town quite often. When I first met him, I met him all the way back in ’03 like before he was even signed to Capitol and we met through a mutual friend…When he first met me, he didn’t know I was a tranny…Most definitely he was the receiver. You see, I got a rule and that rule is that the only way you gonna smash on me is if you comin’ out the pockets, provide for me in some type of way.” (Street Disciplez Radio)

Foxxjazell is reportedly attempting to jump-start a career in hip-hop.

22 year old Keva Jackson, AKA Foxxjazell is determined to prove that people are ready for a transgender rapper. She’s part of an emerging GLBT hip-hop scene that has been around since the late 80s, but has only recently appeared on the radar screens of the larger GLBT community thanks to Alex Hinton’s 2005 Pick Up The Mic documentary that was broadcast on LOGO October 2007. (Transgriot)

Chingy’s career took off around 2003 when he released Jackpot on Capitol Records.

Similar in style to fellow St. Louis pop-rapper Nelly, Chingy enjoyed a lot of success initially in his career, beginning with the summer 2003 smash hit “Right Thurr,” yet he struggled to rival that success in subsequent years. Born Howard Bailey, Jr., on March 9, 1980, in St. Louis, MO, Chingy was signed by Atlanta rapper Ludacris, whose Disturbing the Peace label released “Right Thurr” as the lead single to Jackpot (2003). (All Music)

Check out Chingy speaking on the transsexual rumor below: