Rapper Childish Gambino recently talked about resisting urges to put his entire life on display across social media and why his public remarks are posted consciously.

Gambino admitted he did not want to fill his social media outlet with meaningless content.

“Nah, I just uh, I don’t know,” Gambino said when asked about his lack of Twitter posts despite having over a million followers. “Everything you put on social media kind of lasts forever, even if I post it for a second it’s going to still be there. My fans will find it again. I kind of want to be respectful to the audience. I want to make sure when I put stuff up, it’s for a good reason, [to make] it counts. I don’t want to just be posting stuff up about my dog all the time. I don’t have a dog but if I did, I would want to make sure [not to].” (“Today”)

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Back in December, Gambino appeared to wipe out his social media accounts.

Overnight (Dec. 10), Rapper Childish Gambino’s Online Sites went dark and all of his Social Media Networks appeared to display a black photo in headers and profile photo placements. This Morning (Dec. 10th), Fans of Gambino reacted on Reddit when his STNMTN/Kauai Stream site suddenly went dark leaving many fans in the dark. Little is known as to why Gambino blacked out all of his social media. His Official Websites has gone dark too. This comes days after the Reddit Community dedicated to Childish Gambino displayed their #NoJusticeNoPeace protest by blacking out the site.However, Content is still being posted. (The Beat)

Fans hopped onto social media and spoke out on Gambino’s temporary disappearance.