Chicago rapper Chief Keef is ready to help the country. The hip-hop artist has grabbed a tie and put himself up on presidential candidate Hillary Clinton‘s level.

Keef went to Instagram Friday (October 7) and playfully teased followers about a potential political run.


This week, Atlanta rapper Jeezy discussed his issues with candidate Donald Trump.

“When I look at the election right now and all the bullsh*t that’s going on, you can’t help but laugh. You got Donald Trump – and I tell n*ggas, that n*gga’s cold. If he was a rapper right now, he’d be 2Pac. If you put that album out right now, it’d be diamond. He hot. … You can be a businessman, that means none of your employees gotta like you. By the way, if your business is successful, nine times out of ten your employees aren’t going to like you – I ain’t gonna knock the man and say he’s not a good businessman, but he’s not f*cking presidential material. He doesn’t have or practice the same morals that people have when they’re in those positions of power. Even if they gave him a play where he could help the deficit – but you’re talking about commander-in-chief?” (Tax Season)

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R&B singer Ty Dolla $ign has weighed-in on Trump versus Clinton.

“Everybody seems to be saying, ‘Stay at home, don’t vote because we have two that are both boof as f–k.’ But we have one that’s more boof. So I want to encourage everyone to vote so that we don’t end up with a guy that says he’s going to f—ing ban f*cking Mexicans for coming out here and build a wall and make them pay for it. Like come on, man. Would you rather have a president hiding their emails and, um, lying about other things. Or, uh, a f—ing racist? I think it’s an easy call even though both of them are f—ing boof like I said. [Hillary’s campaign] is not paying me to say this.” (Billboard)

A few days ago, NBA star LeBron James publicly gave his support to Clinton.

When I look at this year’s presidential race, it’s clear which candidate believes the same thing. Only one person running truly understands the struggles of an Akron child born into poverty. And when I think about the kinds of policies and ideas the kids in my foundation need from our government, the choice is clear. That candidate is Hillary Clinton.” (Business Insider)