Chicago rapper Chief Keef has even more reasons to smile these days after receiving an unexpected co-sign courtesy of overnight pop icon Lady Gaga over the weekend.

During the American Music Awards pre-show last night, Gaga admitted she is up on Keef’s tunes.

Lady Gaga arrived to the American Music Awards on horseback and when asked who she is currently listening to, Gaga replied that she is a fan of the Chicago rap scene — specifically naming Chief Keef. Could a collaboration be in the works? Possibly. Both artists are on Interscope Records. (Tele-Management)

Shortly after the co-sign, Keef jumped directly onto his Twitter page to respond.

“I love Lady Gaga For Sayin She Listens to a lot of me and What’s so crazy I was jus Watchin Dis redcarpet sh*t Like d*mn dis Girl fine ??????????,” Chief tweeted November 24.

“Love You Lady Gaga ??” (Chief Keef’s Twitter)

This all comes a couple weeks after Keef vowed he had matured as a young man.

“What up,” Keef responded to a paparazzo. “[laughs] Yeah [I’ll stop smoking weed after rehab.] Uh, it’s cool [working with horses for community service], no comment on that, though. I like working with kids though, that’s why. Yeah. [Speeding arrests?] Nah, I already got a driver. My driver’s right here [behind me]. I only got my credit cards [today]. I growed up. I glowed up, I mean. I ‘grew’ up, g-r-e-w. Grew.” (TMZ)

In early November, Chief received a 90-day rehab sentence.

Teen rapper Chief Keef, who has been in and out of jail multiple times this year, was ordered into a 90-day residential drug treatment program after failing two drug tests, the Cook County sheriff’s office said Wednesday. The 18-year-old, whose real name is Keith Cozart, appeared before a judge in Skokie Wednesday and was being transferred to the Cook County Jail Wednesday afternoon. (DNA Info)

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