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Chicago’s Finally Shining Bright Lights On Rockie Fresh, Says R. Kelly

Written By S. Samuel

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R&B veteran R. Kelly recently offered his take on the buzz surrounding fellow Chicago musician Rockie Fresh and why the rap rookie is here for the long haul.

Along with Fresh, Kells acknowledged other Chi-Town rising stars like King L.

“I feel really good that Chief Keef and all of those guys, those guys are from my hood, so I’m definitely proud of the fact that finally Chicago has got the light on ’em,” Kells told MTV News when he paid us a visit in July. All of the hoopla surrounding his hometown has the R pretty excited about the future of Chi’s music scene. “I guarantee that once these guys come up that light is never gonna go out,” Kelly promised. “There’s a lot of talent in Chicago, a whole lot of talent.” (MTV)

Last month, Maybach Music Group leader Rick Ross spoke on getting familiar with Fresh’s background before offering him a record deal.

“I had heard some of his music but I never got to put a face with the voice and the name,” Ross said when asked about Fresh. “I stayed up a couple nights and Googled basically all of his videos. … I was just a fan at that point. I was loving how homie was coming across — he just kept everything so simple and straight forward and just had dope lyrics and dope hooks and concepts, so I flew him out, we kicked it and he went back home and you know, of course everything else went to work.” (“The Bootleg Kev Show”)

Fresh recently admitted he had other deals other than Maybach Music Group’s offered to him.

“It was a crazy feeling man….I honestly did have good amount of offers on the table,” Rockie explained. “Even though my situation is kinda under the radar, a lot of people took interest in the music from an industry point of view. I had some good looks, but nothing felt as real as the MMG situation. “Knowing how Ross is, being able to be around him, he’s probably one of the best dudes to be working for,” the Chi-town native added. “He makes it more so feel like you are working with him. It’s one of those situations that felt real good to me. I feel we gonna make a lot of bread together down the line.” (XXL Mag)

They both broke the news of their partnership on Twitter earlier this month.

Maybach Music Group’s power circle just got a bit wider. Rick Ross has officially signed Chicago MC Rockie Fresh to MMG. Rozay made the announcement in the early a.m., via Twitter. “Everyone Welcome @rockiefresh to [email protected] Family!!!!,” tweeted the “So Sophisticated” rapper along with a pic of the signing. Rockie followed up with his own message, tweeting, “Salute to @RickyRozay for seeing my vision. We #RichForever #MMG.” (Hip Hop Wired)

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Written by S. Samuel

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