[With his new Hamilton, Charles album now available, rap veteran Charles Hamilton talks to SOHH about his past relationship with jailed rapper Max B and his interest in reuniting with the Wave God once he’s released.]

I would love to produce an entire project for Max B. I understand his demeanor. We had a long talk, actually.

He was back and forth between court [in 2009] and had a very long conversation. I just told him I’m afraid for him, I’ll look out for him as much as I can but this is a matter of responsibility. He understood and I was like, “Yo, if there’s anything I can do for you, I got you. But you have to be responsible for your actions.”

That’s not to say I believe he’s guilty but sometimes when you’re in a predicament where the people around you aren’t doing the most positive things, you get drawn into it simply to show support.

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