[With a long-awaited Hamilton, Charles album finally available, hip-hop veteran Charles Hamilton talks to SOHH about piecing together this “emotional journal” into a must-hear studio release.]

This album has been a long time coming. It’s been an emotional journey. I learned a lot about myself in the last six years. I’ve been in the game all my life, I used to act, but I’ve been professionally making music for ten years.

It’s been everything from joyous to turbulent and I’m just excited that I’m finally able to release a project suitable for the masses but still able to tell my story with the rights of the First Amendment on my side.

Charles Hamilton SOBs

Nothing comes without sacrifice. I’ve put myself through the gauntlet to be able to accept this moment. This is life for me and the youth that I’ve inspired and enlightened, I hope this inspires them because there were times recording this album where I wanted to walk away from it all.

There are many ways you can know Charles Hamilton but the people who have me in black and white know me the best.

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