New York rapper Charles Hamilton has come forward to speak out on his comeback to the music mainstream following a publicized hiatus and departure from Interscope Records.

According to Hamilton, mental illness nearly pushed him to a fatal decision.

“I wanted to commit career suicide, physical suicide, spiritual suicide — I didn’t care anymore,” says Hamilton in his first major interview since 2012, sitting in the Hollywood offices of his new management company, Turn First Artists. In 2010, his mother discovered that he was living in an abandoned building in Staten Island and telling friends he was going to jump off Macomb’s Dam Bridge in Harlem. At one point, Hamilton says he tried to overdose on lithium. “I thought my son was going to die,” says Talise Moorer. “He didn’t look like my child. He looked like an alien. He was just not there.” (Billboard)

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Around 2010, Hamilton’s mom had him treated in an institution.

Moorer had Hamilton institutionalized against his will at a series of New York-area hospitals, where he says he was misdiagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. In December 2010, after his release, Hamilton set out on a bus to Los Angeles, where he hoped to re-establish himself in the music business. En route he made the spontaneous decision to get off the bus in Cleveland to reconnect with his estranged father, a former lawyer, to “try to get some perspective on who I am.” The trip didn’t go as planned. (Billboard)

Buzz about Charles’ reemergence into the music business bubbled online last month.

The Harlem MC inked a new deal with Republic Records, and while the terms of the contract were not disclosed, Hamilton is looking to make an immediate impact, and will be performing new music during his intimate performance at Sayers Club in Los Angeles tonight. While Hamilton recently released a snippet of his new song, “Correct,” his actual new single, “New York Raining,” which features Rita Ora, will debut during the season finale of Fox’s Empire set to air next month. (Complex)

Back in 2012, Hamilton spoke out on a rumored Eminem collaboration track

“The thing about that track is, it was part of a bargaining chip. The real war came down to Warner Bros. and Interscope,” Hamilton explained. “Jimmy Iovine basically said, ‘Do you wanna work with Eminem?’ and I was said, ‘Sure.’ [But] I had my poker face on. I’m not gonna go, ‘Oh, goodie goodie!’ [But] I get to work with Em. I’ve publicly stated that he’s one of my favorite artists, so I went to work with him. [It was a] very cool situation.” (MTV)