Radio veteran Charlamagne Tha God is taking Slim Shady’s disses with a smile on his face. The hip-hop personality has responded to Eminem’s unexpected Kamikaze shade.

Instead of catching feelings, Charlamagne said he felt proud to have a lyrical rapper like Marshall Mathers come after him.

“It’s always cool when you get immortalized on records,” Charlamagne tells exclusively. “I am just happy that I have gotten to the level where rappers who can actually rap say my name in records, regardless if it’s a diss or not. Early in my career, I was only being dissed by Chingy. Now I’m being dissed by Eminem. Life is great.” (Esquire)

On Em’s new “The Ringer” song, he makes a direct reference to Charlamagne.

“Charlamagne gonna hate anyway/Doesn’t matter what I say/Give me Donkey of the Day/What a way for 2018 to get underway” (“The Ringer”)

Slim Shady also dedicated a few bars for him on the song “Fall.”

“One last time for Charlemagne/If my response is late, it’s just how long it takes/To hit my f*ckin’ radar, I’m so far away/These rappers are like Hunger Games” (“Fall”)

Despite praising Kamikaze, CTG believes Em’s 2017 album is not a quality release.

“I actually do think Kamikaze is good. Revival was trash. That’s why I don’t understand why people think it’s hate when someone critiques your work. In fact, Eminem probably knows deep down Revival wasn’t good, and that’s why he put out the Kamikaze album to let people know he still got it. … My thoughts on Eminem have always been that he is one of the greatest lyricists ever. I’ve never been a fan because I can’t relate to a lot of his world views and experiences, but I acknowledge that he’s one of the greatest MC’s. But if he was black, he would be Redman. In 2018, he’s a living legend, a rap God, an icon that will never change. His position as all those things is solidified.” (Esquire)