Chance The Rapper Responds To J. Cole + Noname Beefing: “We Can’t Personally Attack Each Other If We Really Want To See A Revolution”

Written By Rosario Harper

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Chicago’s Chance The Rapper isn’t down to pick sides. The hip-hop star went online to speak on the overnight clashing between rap artists Noname and J. Cole fresh off his “Snow On Tha Bluff” song premiering.

Chance x Cole

On Wednesday, Chance hit up Instagram to speak on the entire situation. While he said he wouldn’t pick sides, he did share his issues with Cole talking out on an entire ‘diss’ song.

“Yet another L for men masking patriarchy and gaslighting as contructive criticism. … They both my peoples but only one of them put out a whole song talking about how the other needs to reconsider their tone and attitude in order to save the world. It’s not constructive and undermines all the work Noname has done. It’s not BWs job to spoon feed us. We grown … Everybody’s argument on either side is, we can’t personally attack each other if we really want to see a revolution. I can agree with that and can apply it in my own life. I wish we could learn that w/o two artists I admire having a public dispute.” -Chance The Rapper’s Twitter

High-Key Details

Late Tuesday night, Jermaine came through with his unexpected audio gem. While the song primarily focuses on the protests going on around the country against police brutality, he appears to take direct aim at Noname for publicly sending out subliminal tweets aimed at artists like himself and Kendrick Lamar.

“J. Cole’s rumoured shots/criticisms on rapper Noname…” -AllLoveHipHop’s Twitter

Wait, There’s More

Instead of staying silent after the song dropped, Cole defended his wordplay. J hit up Twitter to say he meant every bar off the must-hear tune and also encouraged people to follow Noname.

“Morning. I stand behind every word of the song that dropped last night. … Follow @noname . I love and honor her as a leader in these times. She has done and is doing the reading and the listening and the learning on the path that she truly believes is the correct one for our people. Meanwhile a nigga like me just be rapping. … I haven’t done a lot of reading and I don’t feel well equipped as a leader in these times. But I do a lot of thinking. And I appreciate her and others like her because they challenge my beliefs and I feel that in these times that’s important. … We may not agree with each other but we gotta be gentle with each other. -J. Cole’s Twitter

Before You Go

The initial drama appeared to stem from a single tweet. Noname went to her Twitter page to allegedly single out both Kendrick Lamar and Cole.


Written by Rosario Harper Writer. When I'm not covering hip-hop news and announcements, I'm deep into an Audible book and eating veggies.


  1. Thirdly y’all lies slander “noname been couch with Twitter fingers while they protesting” disgusting slander. They hav millions of followers but they are too cool mysterious superior (or shook) to say black lives matter or encourage or argue with fans to protest, donate, sign petition. Not a single tweet. While poor ppl protesting getting beaten etc and not in media. They think SILENCE and photo ops at protests is valid alternative to mobilising networks of millions and their networks? Jesus Christ. Becky’s n Karen’s say BLM but kdot, jay elec, j Cole think they too gud. Too clever. Their “woke” image exposed fake 4F. If u ain’t with us u against us. Wat they doin with they platforms? Yet they CLAIM they woke it’s they BRAND for decades got them GRAMMY !!!!!

  2. And fourth chance is truly dumb AF “we can’t atck each other” so u don’t discuss strategy and tactics? U don’t discuss wat is huge failures, mistakes,? U don’t call out j Cole waiting until woman activist r***ed and murd3rd before dropping a track tone policing a woman activist atacking her yet mentioning zero about black lives mattering? U don’t think this ruin movement morale ?

    Chance if u r democrat party like u R. And Ur daddy the mayor. This is y y’all irrelevant. U don’t want change chance. U POSING. U PoSING. fing Dumb.

  3. Fifth. Chance you don’t understand how hard it is we been silent for decades watching Cole, Kendrick, chance , jay elec LIE be fake woke. As psy-ops. So ppl think society gives voice to woke. We silent at misogyny if Years including “no role modelz” the lack of talent plus misogyn yet we gaslighted told he Messiah genius, same kendric etc .. we held r peace let it slide Decades. We refrained from attacking for Decades. The b.5. “u young kids we let it slide, new generation” well now stakes is higher u needs step up n Admit u don’t care. Or stop holding back movement by taking up airtime n actually Contribute

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