Midwest rapper Chance the Rapper showed the hip-hop world how he throws a pitch heading into the weekend by popping up at his Chicago White Sox’s pre game festivities.

Chance showed off his skills on Friday (May 30) at ChiTown’s U.S. Cellular Field.

Sporting a personalized Sox jersey, the Chi-town native wound up like a pro and threw the ball into the catcher’s glove. He was clearly happy with his performance, celebrating with a victory move. Chance, along with his father Ken Bennett, spearheaded the #SaveChicago campaign. The goal was to have no victims of gunfire on the first day of Memorial Day weekend. It was a success. The city went 42 hours without a gun-related incident. (Rap-Up)

Recently, Chance talked about doctors forcing him to take time off from performing to better his health.

“Performing is, like, my thing,” he says, chilling his trailer behind Sasquatch!’s Bigfoot stage. “I love making music. I love listening to music. But performing music for people, that’s what my life is right now. (The break) gave me time to reflect on my show. I watched a lot of videos of myself and other performers, did push-ups, drank orange juice and did whatever I needed to do. It definitely put me back in the mindset. It took a couple of shows to get back in the swing of things, but I think I did improve, just in that I had time to myself.” (USA Today)

The Midwest rapper also touched on pop star Justin Bieber invading his Coachella music festival set last April.

“When Justin Bieber came out for the Coachella set, that was planned literally six minutes before I hit the stage. We had to rearrange the song so that the band could play it. Doing a show like that is fun, because it’s always good to have a challenge.” (USA Today)

Chance provided a brief update on his well-being in mid-April after a hospitalization.

“Feeling better thanks for the prayers. Ima be back ???? for Wednesday’s show I promise. Resting at home for now. God bless u guys,” Chance tweeted April 21. (Chance the Rapper’s Twitter)

Check out Chance the Rapper’s pitch: