Chicago’s Chance The Rapper has a few things he wants to get off his chest. The hip-hop star hit up social media this weekend to weigh-in on the New Zealand attack.

Chance went to Twitter Sunday to give his take on the trend in white-nationalist global events.

This week, OVO Sound boss Drake shared an uplifting message to fans in France over the New Zealand tragedy.

“I want you to know, that when it’s terrible things going on in the world, you know, we can still look around this room tonight and see something beautiful because we’ve got all people of all races, all places, all religions and look, we’re in here showing love tonight. So I want send my love to all the families that were affected. We’re praying for you and will spread more love just like this across the world. Paris, I’m proud of y’all tonight. I love y’all.”

On Saturday, rap veteran Nas hit up Instagram to send prayers.

Heading into the weekend, Australian rapper Iggy Azalea went to Twitter to express her feelings.