Chicago’s Chance The Rapper didn’t mean for his engagement turn into a trending topic ‘that’ fast. The hip-hop star has reflected on the low-key marriage proposal becoming a viral, must-see moment.

In a new interview, Chance didn’t hold back on his shocked reaction to learning his special moment landed on everyone’s timelines moments after popping the big question.

“When I got proposed me and my girl never got a chance to have a quiet moment or have any real discussion on how we wanted to announce it to the world or if we would announce it to the world. How much we wanted the world to be in this, but because of how much accessibility publications have to my life through my friends Instagram and our stuff was out there immediately. Before I could even get up and make a toast it was already up on The Shade Room and everything.” (Windy City Live)

Last week, West Coast rapper Game celebrated Chance getting his grown man on.

A few days ago, Chance shocked social media and fans alike by proposing to his longtime girlfriend Kirsten Corley.

The Chi-Town native also went to Twitter to reveal Corley’s response.