Chicago’s Chance The Rapper isn’t ready to double up his daddy duties right away. The hip-hop star recently talked about the idea of having another child.

According to Chance, a busy lifestyle and duties to his daughter are more important than having a second child in the immediate future.

“Not right now. It’s a lot to try and be a good dad right now. With all the distractions and all the things that I’m limited in doing by living in Chicago and being a person of notoriety. I don’t wanna tack on anything. I want to get my relationship with Kensli down pat and also just get older. I’m 23. I had her when I was 22. If I am gonna have more kids, it’ll be a blessing and I’ll accept it as a responsibility and a privilege, but I’m definitely not trying to have more kids right now.” (GQ)

In late December, Chance finally caved in and showed off the first public pics of his daughter.



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Earlier the same week, Chance shocked Twitter followers by announcing an interest in moving to New Zealand.







Recently, Chance performed in New Zealand for the first time and talked about his personal life.

During his performance on Thursday night, Chance said he’d also like to find a nice Kiwi girlfriend and get himself a German shepherd. Chance is currently on his world tour and will head to Australia to perform at Beyond the Valley festival on Friday night, and a series of shows in Australia. (Newshub)