Chicago’s Chance The Rapper has diehard hip-hop heads dreaming. This week, the rap star teased fans with a picture of himself alongside fellow musician Donald “Childish Gambino” Glover.

Chance hopped on Instagram Monday (January 2) and hinted at something possibly brewing with the actor/rapper.


Last fall, Chance credited Glover for putting him up on some entertainment biz game.

“Donald Glover told me when I was, like, 19 to hire a business manager. He said it was the smartest 5 percent he ever gave up, and I agree, just in terms of structure and planning. That same year I was chilling with Jill Scott, and she asked me how I was dealing with my finances. Then she broke down to me how I should delegate money to my family, to my own needs, to my craft and, of course, to my taxes.” (Billboard)

A few days ago, Chance shocked Twitter followers by announcing an interest in moving to New Zealand.








Last week, Chance performed in New Zealand for the first time and talked about his personal life.

During his performance on Thursday night, Chance said he’d also like to find a nice Kiwi girlfriend and get himself a German shepherd. Chance is currently on his world tour and will head to Australia to perform at Beyond the Valley festival on Friday night, and a series of shows in Australia. (Newshub)