Chicago’s Chance The Rapper and Bruno Mars look like they’re ready to start cooking up greatness. The duo have struck Twitter’s attention after co-signing one another.

Bruno initially had things buzzing by revealing his interest in working with Chance.

Rather than falling back, Chance made sure to respond with his interest.

This week, Chance made headlines after landing on Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list.

The Chicago native has been subverting the music industry’s traditional business model since he was a teenager, declining to sign with a major label and instead releasing his own streaming-only mixtapes, featuring unique strains of hip-hop splashed with sunny spirituality. Last year, he won the first-ever Grammys (three of them) for a streaming-only album and received $500,000 to debut the tracks exclusively on Apple Music. He’s also a celeb endorser for Nestle, Nike, and even Twitter. (Fortune)

A few days ago, Chance linked up with hip-hop heavyweight Future.