Southern rapper Chamillionaire is back on his grind with the announcement of plans to drop multiple mixtapes and a full-length album this spring.

Writing on his personal blog, Cham broke down the details of his upcoming projects.

“I promised that once I got out my label situation I was gonna give you more material and thats what im gonna do,” Cham wrote on his blog. “Almost everyone knows VENOM is not coming out anymore but Major Pain 1.5, Major Pain 2, and THE PLAYLIST POISON ALBUM will. Major Pain 1.5 will be the first release of mixtape material that will lead up to a real PLAYLIST POISON ALBUM release. All the info about THE PLAYLIST POISON ALBUM will be inside Major Pain 1.5 when you get it APRIL 18TH. I’ll release more Playlist Poison tracks leading up to the full album but just know that the album will be A FULL BODY OF NEW PLAYLIST POISON MATERIAL. Nothing but quality all the way through. I know its been a rough road but just know that I’ve had all my REAL fans in mind during every decision that I have made and now we can finally get back on track. Looking forward to the future. Salute.” (Chamillionaire’s Blog)

In January, Cham talked about the advantages of being an unsigned artist.

“The reason why I haven’t released any music for a while is because I was trying to get off of Universal,” Cham explained in an interview. “For a while I felt like I was fighting against the machine that was supposed to be supporting me. I left under the terms that I couldn’t put out [my third solo album] Venom or anything recorded while I was there…I just wanted to be able to get back control so I can release content how and when I want to. These labels spend more time complaining about ‘rap music’ that isn’t pop enough than actually supporting a brand and a vision.” (All Hip Hop)

A week prior, Cham revealed that Universal wanted him to steer more toward pop-sounding records.

“I think nowadays labels feel rap doesn’t sell that much, pop does. So what they are doing is they are trying to turn rappers into that,” Cham said in an interview. “‘You infiltrated pop culture with ‘Ridin Dirty,’ now do it again.’ That’s what they wanted me to be, and if I came in with something that was more me, they wouldn’t support. But ‘Ridin Dirty’ wasn’t a pop record – it was myself.” (Billboard)

Prior to parting ways, Cham was set to drop his Venom album in 2010.

Grammy-winning, platinum Houston artist, Chamillionaire, officially hit the road today, embarking on his “In Love With My Money” tour with former group member, Paul Wall – first stop, Austin, Texas for their headlining gig at SXSW. The timing couldn’t be more perfect as the release date for his long-awaited third album, Venom, was officially slated this week for June 22nd 2010 on Chamillitary/Universal Republic with a first single, artwork and tracklisting to be forthcoming shortly. (Press Release)