Southern rapper Chamillionaire recently shared his input on the rap game and why artists need to stop copying one another to avoid the state of music declining.

In Cham’s eyes, copy cats emerge after an artist creates a hit record.

“I love how Wiz Khalifa just came into the game with his own lane,” Cham explained in an interview. “But the problem becomes when everybody else see’s it be successful and they start copying. Like I know I’m not the only person seeing this right now, you what I mean. That’s what’s up! I don’t think fans should even allow people to do that. You have to have your own lane and you have to give the public your version of you. Don’t try to copy somebody else and mimic them. If T-Pain comes out and he starts winning with auto-tune, I love the way T-Pain sounds with auto-tune. I think he sounds good with that, that’s his lane. Then everybody else copies and we just allow them to do it. Where is the originality?” (All Hip Hop)

He also believes there should be a consequence to biting another artist.

“Every rapper should be slapped that does that. Stop copying! That’s crazy. That’s what makes it wack! When everybody’s making the same thing and just chasing what’s hot instead of… Is money that valuable to you that you will just take all your integrity and just throw it out the window? That’s crazy to me. I made a lot of money in this game, but I did it not trying. I wasn’t so in love with it that I would just do anything like some of these people would just do anything. It’s crazy to me.” (All Hip Hop)

Last summer, rapper Juvenile received criticism for his Beast Mode album cover closely resembling Drake‘s Thank Me Later artwork.

“That’s a question the label gotta answer, to be honest,” Juvie said in an interview. “Us as artists, we really don’t have no insight on that part, man. I took a picture…[and] they took the picture and made it into that. I hadn’t seen – And you know what? If I woulda saw Drake [Thank Me Later] album cover before [Beast Mode was sent to manufacturing] and actually had control of it, I woulda stopped it. But it was out of my control, man. I couldn’t do nothing about it. That ain’t even my thing, I wouldn’t try to take nothing away from a younger cat. ‘Cause at the end of the day we all trying to eat. So I don’t wanna do anything to blemish his career – [or] make it look bad on me too… So I’m not really feeling the album cover thing myself.” (Hip Hop DX)

From a style perspective, rap mogul Diddy previously took credit for inspiring swagger jackers.

“To be honest, there’s a lot of people that have emulated my style,” Diddy told radio personality Tim Westwood in a 2010 interview. “And that’s a positive thing, you’re supposed to inspire people. But there’s also a lot of cats that emulate the style and they not even really connecting in their head who they got it from. Anything they’re doing right now as far as in the game, I started the jets, I started the yachts, I started owning the companies, I started the liquor, I started getting money, I started hiring us, empowering us, I started the whole vote campaign, anything that wasn’t cool, anything that wasn’t traveling, artists traveling overseas, getting that up, I mean, that’s what I do, my style and my flavor and my swag is really unstoppable and second to none, and it’s a lot of people that invented the style so when I come back in June, they gotta give me my sh*t back, because the official has returned. I let them live for a minute and that’s all good — a lot of cats are out there with my haircut, they try to dress [like me], they try to wear shades and they messing up the suit game because they don’t have the Italian cut, they got like a Steve Harvey cut on their suit…I’m definitely one of the baddest motherf*ckers to ever touch the face of the earth.” (Tim Westwood TV)

Check out some recent Chamillionaire footage below: