Houston rapper Chamillionaire has clarified past perceptions of his engagement in a rap beef with G-Unit rapper 50 Cent and why fans can simply chalk up the speculation to media hype.

Promising he is on good terms with 50 these days as seen in a recent Las Vegas photo alongside the rapper, Cham cleared up any of the public’s confusion.

“I have never had any real issues with 50. I think maybe fans and some media tried to make a big deal out of comments he made but I never saw what the big deal was. In person 50 has always been cool. He sat in front of me at the VMAs one time and told me I was gonna win before I did. When I was in New York one time he showed me around his G-Unit offices and I even met his son. I don’t think he would have ever done anything like that if he ever had a real problem with me. We cool but what you saw was just a picture of us hanging out in Vegas. That’s just about it. I went back to my world after that night.” (Hip Hop N More)

In 2007, 50 took aim at Cham after the Texas rapper spoke on limiting his cursing on records.

“Let him go sell gospel records, if he’s so f*ckin’ righteous. I can write around the curses if I want to, but you can’t tell me to write around the curses. First of all, there’s a clean version of the record available, anyway, if people don’t want to hear that content.” (SPIN)

Cham later replied to 50’s remarks and downplayed the seriousness.

“I really don’t mind you asking me about it, but people are making it out like it’s a real real big issue like – you know when it’s a real beef or something like that. 50 Cent just made some comments; he was frustrated a little bit. Somebody said my name in an interview, and then they kept saying my name to him and then he was just like, ‘You know, tell Chamillionare to go sell gospel records,’ or whatever. I know the character of 50 Cent, he’s the type of person that will give you a very raw answer, you know what I mean? It’s kinda like, you put Kanye West on TV he might just keep it all the way real and do something unexpected. You gotta know the nature of the person, so that’s why I’m not really trippin’ off of that. And the fact it that he sold so many more records and he has a braggin’ right, you know what I mean? He sold 20 million plus records, and, I sold 1.5 [million] which is good, but just compared to what he’s done, I can’t even sit here and go back to something like that.” (DJ Booth)

He also previously turned down the possibility of hopping on a diss track to get at 50.

“There are way more interesting things to talk about, besides, beef and dissing people,” Chamillionaire said in an interview mid-summer 2007. “I’ma leave that to everybody else. There was a time were the Hip-Hop battle was cool, cause it was lyrical or whatever, but now, its stale, people used it as a gimmick.” (All Hip Hop)

Check out some past Chamillionaire footage below: