NFL player Chad Ochocinco is living up to the backlash he has received since getting arrested on a domestic violence charge last month by taking responsibility for his actions toward estranged wife Evelyn Lozada.

While brief with his remarks, Ocho admitted he made a mistake which may have cost him his professional sports career.

“I got to start life over and create a new one… RT @Widsontheking: @ochocinco why did you delete your bio?,” he tweeted August 29th.

“Don’t feel bad, my black ass messed up, I made the bed now I gotta lay n it RT @MissShaiMUA: I actually feel bad for @ochocinco Idk why tho”

“How we feeling this morning? A little love from the “Black Guy” enjoy ya Saturday I was just thinking bout y’all…,” he tweeted September 1st. (Chad Ochocinco’s Twitter)

Last night, Lozada appeared on “Nightline” and discussed the aftermath.

Evelyn Lozada says despite his arrest for allegedly head-butting her, she still loves estranged husband Chad Johnson — but adds she can’t imagine speaking to him any time soon. In an interview with “Nightline” that airs tonight, Lozada described the alleged domestic violence incident as “a bad choice that destroyed his life … But it was his choice, it wasn’t mine.” Lozada said she hopes Chad is getting help and she wants “the best for him,” but says that being apart is “the right thing.” Johnson is expected to be arraigned in September. Evelyn filed for divorce 2 days after his arrest. (TMZ)

Prior to losing a coconut water drink endorsement, VH1 pulled the plug on airing Evelyn and Chad’s reality show.

VH1 scrapped plans to produce a reality show series based on Chad Johnson’s marriage to reality star Evelyn Lozada, who appeared on the network’s “Basketball Wives” series. “Due to the unfortunate events over the weekend and the seriousness of the allegations, VH1 is pulling the series Ev and Ocho from its schedule and has no current plans of airing it,” the network said in a statement. (Chicago Tribune)

Ochocinco also got cut from the Miami Dolphins in light of the arrest.

Attention, young wide receivers: If you have a flair for the dramatic, a need for media attention and you frequently create headlines for things other than football accomplishments, consider these flaws that you need to correct. These qualities do not pay any longer. Chad Johnson, Terrell Owens and Plaxico Burress highlighted the era of the diva wide receiver in the NFL. They have not enjoyed the respective twilights of their careers. Chad Johnson was released on Sunday night , a very short time after he’d been arrested for allegedly head-butting his new bride . Whether or not he’ll find a job again in the NFL is unclear, but at the very least, it’s no sure thing. When the Dolphins signed him back in June, it was for $925,000 – the league’s veteran minimum – with no guaranteed money. It’s not like there was a bidding war for his services, even before the arrest. (Yahoo Sports)