Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West has fans going nuts overseas with a preview of his new “All Day” song during a performance.

According to reports, Ye treated Paris folks to the footage this weekend at a Foundation Louis Vuitton performance.

During the first night of his four-night Paris residency, Kanye West debuted the video for his new single “All Day,” which was directed by 12 Years A Slave‘s Steve McQueen. The full video hasn’t surfaced yet, but it features some super close-ups of Kanye rapping in what looks like an abandoned warehouse. (Stereo Gum)

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Pop icon Madonna revealed her involvement on Kanye’s upcoming So Help Me God album

“[Kanye] ended up only working on four songs and then we wrote another song together, which is going to be on his record,” Madonna said referring to her music-making sessions with Kanye. (Complex)

A Def Jam representative called a new So Help Me God tracklisting bogus after it emerged earlier in the week.

The supposedly leaked internal memo about Kanye West’s So Help Me God that’s been making the rounds on Twitter is not real, Gabe Tesoriero—Def Jam’s executive vice president of media and creative development—told FADER in an email. (The FADER)