Celebrities like LeToya Luckett, Xzibit, Janelle Monae, along with concerned community voices, have all expressed their ideas on the main problems facing us all, while keeping an eye on rap beefs.

Sponsored by 99problems.org, which is powered by the League of Young Voters Education Fund, the site encourages young Americans to submit 90 second videos about their biggest political and social concerns and then presents a solution to the problem.

During the first hundred days of Obama’s administration, users will be encouraged to submit creative video testimonials outlining the biggest problems facing their communities. Site administrators will sift through the submissions and post the day’s most engaging videos to the site’s front page. Videos will be selected based on their creativity and resonance. (99Problems.org)

The site has teamed with TheDougie.com to reach young people online, and identified hip-hop beefs and the effect they have on our society as a major concern.

“I looked at  hip-hop history and analyzed a lot of the beefs that have taken place over the last several years and seen how bad they have actually been for hip-hop culture,” said Biko Baker, the Executive Director of the League of Young Voters Education Fund. “I know a lot of times that rappers use beef to get PR but if you look at the state of the game after the beef it’s really bad. Not only do people piss off other people’s fans but people aren’t able to collaborate which makes the music bad. 50 Cent, Rick Ross… I’d hate to see either one of these folks get away from the good music that they create. It’s a shame that they’re focused on this childish stuff. It’s not good for the game.”(99Problems.org)

In response to his call for an end to hip-hop beefs, Biko advises the hip-hop community to look to Snoop Dogg for direction.

“Over the last several years he’s been about really bringing the west coast together in different music summits and has really been a voice for hip-hop… all across this country. He’s really done a lot of make hip-hop world understand the importance of fatherhood and working with kids. Stop being about beef let’s work together man and make sure that we live in a better world. (99Problems.org)

SOHH.com is currently examining the current hip-hop beef between popular rappers 50 Cent and Rick Ross and the larger implications that this conflict is having out our community.

In a four part series on rap beefs and responsibility, SOHH asked rappers, the community, and industry experts to weigh in on the beef between 50 Cent and Rick Ross and how it affects us all. (SOHH.com)

Get involved by submitting your own video contribution to the 99 Problems campaign on The Dougie.

[Get involved by submitting your own video contribution to the 99 Problems campaign on The Dougie]