Philadelphia rapper Cassidy has decided to take his career to the next level as Chinga Chang Records CEO Daniel Herman gives SOHH the inside scoop on his latest signee.

According to Herman, it was a no-brainer to jump on an opportunity to add an artist of Cass’ caliber to his growing team.

“He’s more of a business partner than [the perception] of me signing him. This deal is a joint venture. Chinga Chang and Larsiny Entertainment are working together and we signed an agreement together to go ahead and release his new album under Chinga Chang Records,” Herman told SOHH. “His album’s going to be called Mr. Hip-Hop. We agree on everything from the state of the hip-hop game to the politics. We’re brothers and you can’t ask for anything more in hip-hop than this kind of collaboration.” (SOHH)

Herman also showered the Philadelphia rapper with accolades over his fine-tuned veteran status in the rap game.

“Cassidy is the one true lyricist and someone who takes their art in hip-hop,” Daniel added. “Hip-hop is break-dancing and spitting and he’s one of the very few artists that actually takes lyrics to the highest level. He still represents hip-hop. He’s only concerned with his lyrics. So his lyrics have never skipped a beat. That’s what I’ve always respected about him. It’s the lyrics that are the rappers and, in my opinion, Eminem and Cassidy are the best lyricists in the game. When I saw an opportunity to reach out to Cassidy, I had to sit down with the guy.” (SOHH)

Back in May 2009, the “Hustla” explained his resistance in joining a major record label.

“I love hip-hop,” the rapper explained. “I just always wanted to prove that I was better than another rapper. I remember I got on this radio competition in Philly called The Cypher hosted by this DJ named Zulu. I [won] for months at a time. I became a personality, but nobody knew what I looked like. So I started battling dudes face-to-face…The focus and direction of artists [has changed.] It’s bigger than it’s ever been…People [are] making business music as opposed to making good music…Yeah, I don’t want a deal right now. I’d rather have my freedom without people over me telling me what to do. If you was ever in the industry, you’d know what I mean.” (Rolling Out)

Over the summer, Herman caught heat after allegedly trying to sign troubled celebrity television star Amanda Bynes to his team.

It’s like music to our ears!!! Amanda Bynes could be making sweet, sweet music soon because the controversial starlet has reportedly been offered a record deal. That Amanda is just full of surprises! After expressing interest in breaking into hip hop, Daniel Herman of Chinga Chang Records has confirmed that he is in the middle of negotiations with the Twitter lovin’ celeb to hit the recording studio for her very own album. The label owner spilled: “I cleared the project with The Orchard and Sony Entertainment and they gave me the green light to go ahead. The fact that Amanda wants to do hip hop music means that Chinga Chang label is the best place for her to do this, because of my past experience with bringing pop and legitimate hip hop together. I think that she’s more gangster than Drake.” (Perez Hilton)