Southern singer Jacquees has done more than just blown up over the past few months. With hits like “B.E.D.” remix in the books and bangers with Dej Loaf buzzing, the music newcomer spoke to SOHH about taking the industry by storm.

1. What’s been the biggest takeaway and lesson you’ve learned since linking up with Cash Money’s Birdman?

Mind your own business. If I mind my own business and worry about myself I’ll go far. That’s the attitude I have toward my career.

2. Who did you have in mind for the “B.E.D.” remix? Especially how you ended up getting Migos’ Quavo and Ty Dolla $ign on the smash hit.

I think the biggest thing was getting them all on the song. But it was easy because me and Quavo grew up together. With Ty Dolla $ign, it was my first time working with him and DJ Spence introduced us. So me and Quavo have been longtime friends. It was nothing. It was easy to work together. All it really took was a text and a DM.

3. Where do you come up with these special connections with female musicians? Notably what you’ve created with Detroit’s Dej Loaf and Chicago’s Dreezy? You seem to find gold in these collabos.

It’s always dope to work with a female artist. Just to get a female on the record is big because you get a female’s perspective. I can say it from a fella’s perspective so it’s always good to collaborate. Working with Dej Loaf and Dreezy, they’re both amazing artists to work with. I also have a collabo with me, Dreezy and Snoop.

4. With big artists like Drake, Cardi B and Kendrick Lamar out here, who all do you want to work with?

All those artists I see myself working with. I’d love to work with Kendrick.

5. What do you think of them specifically?

I never met Kendrick Lamar. I met Cardi B and that was dope. She’s a great artist. And who doesn’t want to work with Drake?