[Long before the Cash Money Records you see today, there was an era when the label actually put out dope music and Turk was part of that era. As Cash Money continued to grow Turk lived a life addicted to drugs and eventually ended up doing hard time in the pen. Turk persevered and has been a free man as well as been clean for over 13 years. Here are a few moments from his "Murder Master Music Show” interview on the show a few weeks back.]

1. Touring W/ DMX, Past Drug Use & Being Sober For 13 Years

The same time DMX was on when we got to the city n*gga he was going one way and we was going one way. He was gonna get it and we was gonna get, when I say we I mean me and BG. We was Druggin-N-Thuggin a nigga barely saw each other because we was chasing that high. If you didn’t shoot heroin or snort coke we didn’t wanna be around you. I don’t even remember the tour, I was out of my mind. Every day from 14 to 22 I was high. I was getting high in the rehab! I was getting loaded in jail, but this time when I caught my charge I said f*ck this sh*t. I have been clean 13 years including the 8 I was in jail.

2. On Being Mentioned In Rick Ross’ Diss Song Towards Birdman

It’s all good, but I’m a legend my name is suppose to get more mention than that. I expected a lot from everybody in the industry when I came home and I didn’t get that. Shout out to Lil Boosie, when he came home they showed him love, when Lil Wayne came home they showed him love. I’m one of the realest n*ggaz in this industry and I came home the right way. It was like everybody was waiting to see what I was gonna do.

3. Telling LeBron To Hold Up At Event For Not Mentioning BG Turns Into Song

Hold Up Lebron is a major song and I was inspired by LeBron. We had a Hot Boy reunion in New Orleans for All Star week and LeBron came out and I didn’t know it was his party, because it was a private party we were hired to do. LeBron just comes out the back and stops the music. He stopped us from performing and I looked up and it was LeBron James and he was telling everybody how he grew up on our music and he was mentioning everybody’s names and he didn’t mention BG so I was like “Hold up, hold up LeBron, Free BG!” I wanted to make sure we mentioned BG’s name. When I did that everybody was calling my phone and was like “You told the King to hold up?” so I made a song called “Hold Up LeBron” and it became a slang talk. The video of it went viral when I was telling him to hold up.

4. Turk Says He Will Drop One More Album & He’s Done

This is gonna be a classic album so I might do a double disc because it is going to be my last solo album as an artist. I’m 36 years old now and I had to step back in the arena to build my brand up but I got my book and my documentary but I’m a boss and I can’t do the things that an artist is doing. I’m trying to step down from that and let my artists do that stuff.

5. Turk Will Focus On The Music Of His Wife Emani The Made Woman

I have my own artist which is actually my Wife Emani the Made Woman. I think the game has changed where as females are the main consumers and I think a lot of woman can relate to my Wife. I feel like she has been through so much and has been through the struggle that a lot of people are gonna be inspired, even the males will be inspired!

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