Cash Money Records’ duo The Stafford Brothers are making headlines this weekend for reportedly being sued over putting on a slew of extreme parties in Los Angeles.

Details of the Bros’ legal woes surfaced online early Sunday (January 26).

Cash Money Records artists The Stafford Brothers were smacked with the lawsuit this week … after owners of a dope pad they rented in Studio City sued them for allegedly leaving it in shambles. The owners claim the group threw lots of parties — including one for their music video “Hello” featuring Lil Wayne — violating the lease and wrecking the joint by: — “Illegal” service of alcohol — Pouring liquid nitrogen in the house — Installing a skate ramp — Allowing a LIVE KANGAROO to roam the house The owners want the group to ante up more than $100k — plus another $25K in punitive damages to teach them a lesson. (TMZ)

The music duo signed on Cash Money Records’ dotted lines back in 2012.

Hundreds of Hip Hop blogs and music networks have gone dance crazy this week as Cash Money Records announce their first EDM signing, our very own Stafford Brothers. The ITM top runners were welcomed into the ‘Young Money Cash Money Billionaires (YMCMB)’ family by Birdman & Slim and now join the likes on Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Drake on the US game-changing label. (360 Agency)

Cash Money head Birdman previously spoke on his admiration for Stafford Brothers.

“The Stafford Brothers blew me away with their energy, superb production skills and strong remixes. Their music may have a party vibe, but that didn’t fool Slim and I. With their ownership of nightclubs, their own reality television show, international tours and dedication to their craft, we knew the Stafford Brothers were serious and would fit right in with the hardworking YMCMB family.” (Statement)

In late 2012, group member Matt Stafford spoke on wanting to blow up under Birdman’s watch.

“We’re back in Australia till early June, and there we want to release more music, you know, get these records out with Cash Money and distributing them in America. We started out this year with a lot of amazing shows and touring the world, but it’s so new and exciting for us to going out in America and doing more there. Plus, I want to do more on these collabs, because that’s what it’s all about – getting the music out there. I want to get Birdman on the record!” (VIBE)

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