New York rapper Casanova 2x isn’t taking e-beefs serious in 2020 – at all. The hip-hop entertainer has shared his 2 cents on how legitimate feuds are when they go online.

Big Facts

This week, Casa went to his social media pages to share his thoughts. In 2x’s perspective, there’s no real in-person confrontations planned for people going at each other on the Internet.

“If you beef on the Internet you really don’t want no beef in real life. I’m just saying. Don’t kill the messenger!!” -Casanova 2x’s Instagram

“Facts” –YG

High-Key Details

Outside of beef talk, Casa recently pulled through with his “Woah” music video premiere. The visual features Nova and collaborator Jeremih turning up in a nightclub together surrounded by handfuls of partygoers and vixen women.

Wait, There’s More

A few nights prior, Casa went online and kept things fully 100 with an open apology. He ultimately took responsibility for sharing footage of himself downplaying the seriousness of COVID-19.

“To all the people who saw my videos over the weekend I want to apologize. If you know me, you know what I’ve been thru and that I like to have fun and turn up with my friends. I didn’t take this Coronavirus situation seriously until I visited my local hospital Kings county saw for my own see what this virus 🦠 is doing everybody.I put my family, my friends at risk and that isn’t something that is cool at all. My mother is 74 years old and I put her at risk when she tried to get me off the block. And My life would never be the same if I was to lose her to my stupidity, a video shoot😞”

Before You Go

Casa didn’t stop there. He also issued an apology to Brooklyn law enforcement for trying to get him off the street.

“Also I want to say to the @nypd police officers who responded from the 70 precinct I understand that yall were doing your jobs, trying to keep us all healthy and I apologize for putting your health and the health of y’all loved ones at risk as well. I want to say to @cthagod and the folks at @power1051y’all 100% correct in calling me out.Thanks putting me in my place like mentors are supposed to and for not giving me donkey of the day 🤦🏾‍♂️Even tho I might’ve deserved it.Everybody “WE INSIDE” and I’m gonna drive y’all crazy on Instagram cause I hate being inside😢”