New York rapper Casanova 2x is clearing the air. The hip-hop artist has come forward to address rumors and speculation about sparking a violent brawl at this week’s Yams Day concert in the Bronx.

Casa went to Instagram Friday (January 19) and revealed he didn’t even show up to the event. The rapper also said his respect for A$AP Mob’s A$AP Rocky would prevent him from sparking problems.

“I don’t know if motherf*ckers wanna see me in jail or n*ggas want me in trouble or want me to do something to somebody. Never gonna happen. I did not even step foot in Yams Day. Last year I was there, I wasn’t there this year, and it was a peaceful event. I would never fight, I don’t care if I saw my biggest enemy. I would never do that on Yams Day. At all. None of my friends. Nobody. I got too much respect for A$AP Rocky. We talk daily. I would ‘never’ do that. Thank-you. We’re gonna straighten this sh*t out. I got too much to lose. I told you that. I would never fight a n*gga with a name and two coats. I’m p*ssy.”

Rap rookie Tekashi 6ix 9ine has come forward to speak out on the scrapped event and address a stabbing rumor.

Rap personality DJ Akademiks made sure to cover the festivities from Yams Day 2018.

This month, hype mounted for the star-studded Yams Day 2018 line-up.


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