NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony has nothing but pure love for his queen. The Portland Trail Blazers forward went online this week to celebrate a 15-year-anniversary with his “Power” actress and high-profile wife La La.

Melo x La La

Last night, Carmelo went to his Instagram page to unload pure emotions for his queen. Melo shared a solo pic of La La and dished on the value of true love.

“Real love is knowing your weaknesses and not taking advantage of them. Knowing your flaws and accepting who they are. When love is real, it finds a way. love is not a feeling; it’s not words. It’s an action that One decides to take. HAPPY 10Yr ANNIVERSARY My Luv @lala #15yrsandcounting❤️ #STAYME7O” -Carmelo Anthony’s Instagram

High-Key Details

In March 2020, La La shared a priceless father-son moment on her Instagram page. She also revealed the pic stemmed from before the nation went into isolation for COVID-19.

“Back when they were outside 🤪☄️”

Wait, There’s More

La La recently shared some heartfelt words to people dealing with self-isolation. Mrs. Anthony acknowledged not everyone has the luxury of living in a spacious spot as they go through their quarantine.

“Just checking in on everybody. I know we all don’t have big ass houses we can move around in and get personal space if needed. Some of us are feeling like we have nowhere to go or crammed in a small space and just completely over it. I get it. Just sending love❤️Reminding you how strong you are & how many times you’ve made it through when you didn’t think you could. I have to remind myself of that too. Shit just isn’t easy sometimes. I LOVE YOU❤️”

Before You Go

Earlier the same week, La La blew fans away with a steamy new pic. The shot featured her in all-white gear joking about taking her fashion goals to her living room.

“Living Room Ready”

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Living Room Ready 🔥🤪

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