NBA free agent Carmelo Anthony is staying laced up this winter holiday by teaming up with Famous Nobodys. The two powerhouses have linked to roll out an exclusive collection called ME7O MADE.

According to Famous Nobodys, Melo’s gear includes a ton of fresh apparel including shirts and pants.

The ME7O MADE collection, which includes a hoodie, varsity jacket, joggers and more, is primarily colored in the striking contrast of black and gold. The creative inspiration behind the collection lies in Anthony’s embrace of the unknown (black) and the wisdom and clarity (gold) to welcome that unknown. Also, Anthony’s signature number 7 is interwoven throughout the collection and price point – as a symbol of power, prosperity, and loyalty.

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The company’s co-founder has confirmed the partnership and dished on securing the NBA All-Star.

“Carmelo is known as one of the most stylish players in the NBA – so collaborating with him on the ME7O MADE collection was an honor,” said Christian Vazquez, co-founder of Famous Nobodys. “With that said, it was that more important for us to make the collection RIGHT and to make it feel like a moment. With the launch of the new store and the line – we feel we’ve done just that.” “ME7O MADE is something that was fun for me to be a part of because it allows me to explore a part of fashion away from the court in clothes that are fly, comfortable and mean something to me,” added Houston Rocket and NBA Superstar Carmelo Anthony.


Last month, various past and present NBA stars rallied support for Melo following his release from the Houston Rockets.