New York rapper Cardi B‘s sister is 100 percent here for the motivational talk. Hennessy Carolina recently went online to turn any frowns upside down about letting other people’s actions negatively impact them.

Carolina’s Advice

Hennessy Carolina went to Instagram to give us some motivation with some heartfelt words. Carolina took direct aim at anyone feeling like their positive energy and lit level could be taken away from them by others.

“Goodmorning ☀️ #BeYou💖” -Hennessy Carolina’s Instagram

Hennessy Carolina gives motivation to her fans


A few days ago, Carolina went to Instagram with some fresh shots. The pics featured her donning super long braids and hinting at them sticking around for a while.

“This Sound like Henny with the braids 😜” -Hennessy Carolina’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

In early May 2020, Carolina jumped on Instagram with her revamped look. She shared a pic of herself donning long braids with both gold earrings and a neck chain.

“Bx Baby 🌃” -Hennessy Carolina’s Instagram

Cardi’s sis Hennessy Carolina shows off her new braids

Before You Go

Recently, Carolina went to her Instagram page with some new modeling pics. The pics feature her modeling from a truck and rocking a bucket hat.

“Head to toe like a mannequin🌧 ” -Hennessy Carolina’s Instagram

Hennessy rocks her Fashionova gear like a mannequin
Hennessy looks perfect rocking a bucket hat, bringing back the vintage look