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New York rapper Cardi B‘s sister is out here flexing for her borough. Vixen Hennessy Carolina went online this week to share a look at her new braids.

Oh Henny

On Friday, Carolina jumped on Instagram with her revamped look. She shared a pic of herself donning long braids with both gold earrings and a neck chain.

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“Bx Baby 🌃” -Hennessy Carolina’s Instagram

Cardi’s sis Hennessy Carolina shows off her new braids

The Bucket Hat

Recently, Carolina went to her Instagram page with some new modeling pics. The pics feature her modeling from a truck and rocking a bucket hat.

“Head to toe like a mannequin🌧 ” -Hennessy Carolina’s Instagram

Hennessy rocks her Fashionova gear like a mannequin
Hennessy looks perfect rocking a bucket hat, bringing back the vintage look

Wait, There’s More

Recently, Hennessy went online to show off a perfect fit of pants. The hip-hop model jumped onto Instagram with a steamy must-like shot where she showed off some Fashionova drip.

“🧸🍯👖 Pants @fashionnova Fashionnovapartner” -Hennessy Carolina’s Instagram

Hennessy Carolina’s curve game is 100

“Shaking the room in my @fashionnova jeans 👖
Fashionnovapartner” -Hennessy Carolina’s Instagram

Before You Go

The same week, Hennessy went online to share a thirst trap-type steamy pic. The shot sparked a big reaction from rap crooner Tory Lanez in her comments section who made his intentions perfectly clear.

“Easter 🙏💖🐇 Pants @fashionnova” -Hennessy Carolina’s Instagram

“I just wanna bite it 🤣 … *quarantine radio voice *” -Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez’s Hennessy Carolina thirst is real as he comments on her Instagram pic

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