New York rapper Cardi B is d-o-n-e. The hip-hop star has stepped forward to unload some serious frustrations and anger in a must-read social media rant.

Cardi went to Instagram Saturday (September 8) and didn’t hold back in exploding on an unnamed fellow musician.

New York rapper 50 Cent has already weighed-in suggesting there’s a real feud brewing between Cardi and her “Motorsport” collaborator Nicki Minaj.

According to reports and viral footage, tensions exploded between Cardi and Nicki Friday night at a Fashion Week event.

Video of the incident was posted on social media. In it, Cardi B can be seen making a lunge towards someone, though it is not entirely clear if its the “Barbie Dreams” rapper. An insider tells PEOPLE that Cardi arrived at the event first. After Nicki showed up, there was an “altercation” on the second-floor balcony during a Christina Aguilera performance. (People)

Nicki Minaj has since come forward to share a slideshow of pics immediately following the reported brawl.