New York rapper Cardi B doesn’t want to be the biggest boss that you’ve seen thus far. The hip-hop newcomer has stepped up to put some perspective into what it takes to be a true bawwwwwwwwse.

Cardi went to her Instagram page Tuesday (March 13) and stressed the nitty gritty of really bossing up.

“Hello everybody. I know I look f*cked up, I ain’t going out nowhere. My n*gga’s so used to seeing me like this. You stuck with me n*gga. Haha. Anyways, this video’s about why do people use the word ‘boss’ so loosely? Why do so many b*tches call themselves a boss? These b*tches have an assistant and they swear they’re a boss. A boss is somebody who gotta take care of multiple people. A boss is somebody whose bill, the invoices that come every week, you gotta pay that sh*t. Me? I don’t want to be a boss. I have to pay about eight f*cking people a month. Every week I gotta pay somebody. I be looking at these invoices like – I have to regroup. I have to regroup. Why do everybody think they’re a f*cking boss? B*tch think because she has 10 pairs of red bottoms that they automatically a boss. They have like 6 Chanel bags, ‘Yeah, I’m a boss.’ No you’re not. You’re not.”

😂Facts tho!!!!! 📸 @iamcardib

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Last week, B responded to some gushy love her fiancé Offset gave her on his Culture II Migos album.

A few days ago, B exploded on a fan trying to trash Off’s daddy duties.

Last week, both Drake and Young Buck applauded footage of Off celebrating his son’s birthday.

K I N G K O D Y S D A Y B A B Y S E T D R I P P I N B I G 3 I L O V E Y O U

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