New York rapper Cardi B isn’t here for following guidelines. The hip-hop diva has pulled the trigger on dropping her new “Money” single 48 hours earlier than expected.

On Tuesday, Cardi blessed fans with the turn-up record across streaming giants.

Yesterday, the Bronx native announced the new single would drop Thursday.

A few days ago, footage surfaced of Cardi in the recording studio with Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill.

Recently, buzz developed about Cardi and Meek low-key having new music together.

Sources tell TMZ Cardi recently stepped into the studio with none other than Meek Mill to lay down some material that’ll be used in a forthcoming song. We’re told they cranked out hooks and verses — all of which is fair game for a final product that’s yet to be released. While we’re told the collab happened a few months ago, the timing is nothing short of less-than-perfect for Nicki … who’s in the middle of a good ol’ fashioned beef with Cardi. (TMZ)