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Cardi B Says She Has Proof The Lord Is Real: “The Devil Can Offer Me The World My Loyalty Is To My God”

Written By Biz Jones

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New York rapper Cardi B is getting deep on a Friday. The hip-hop star has come forward to dish on why she doesn’t doubt her religion or faith in the Lord and explained why her belief only grows stronger.

Cardi B’s Religious Beliefs

On Friday, Cardi went to her Instagram page to speak on the importance of acknowledging her favorite numbers “444” and 1111″ along with her personal connection to them. She took things even further by explaining why she wouldn’t take the world over her God.

“Ok guys so here I go with my long ass post.So if you know me my lucky number are 444 and 1111.I believe in 11:11 sooo much cause I was born on the 11 and my grandma passed away on 11-11-11.I seen my grandma and cousin come to me in dreams with white teeth ,teeth so white when they smiled in my dream I couldn’t see much and a light so blinding behind them like the sun.My grandma also had a lot of gold jewelry That let’s me know they’re in heaven .I keep seeing this week on my phone 11:11 sooo randomly specially on the 11th of this month I caught it day and night .I feel like it’s the Lord sending me messages .”

“I think he be telling me YOU SEE ! Have faith in me I’m hearing your prayers.I love the Lord soo much .I know people have different believes and some just don’t believe but I witnessed he is real.Just like he gave prophets in the Bible important titles to let the people know of his existence I feel like he gave me fame to always let ya know that he is very much real .Im not a saint now and I sin and my anger might get violent but I don’t have bad intentions or a f*ck heart and my heart is devoted to the Lord .The devil can offer me the world my loyalty is to my God .I want you guys to know to keep faith even thru the darkest time .The lord comes thru.ALWAYS.” -Cardi B’s Instagram

High-Key Details

In November 2019, Cardi B also went to her Instagram page to speak on the relevance of 11:11. She connected the time with the passing of her 80-year-old grandmother.

Cardi B’s religious beliefs explained.

Wait, There’s More

Academy Award winner Jordan Peele‘s Us horror movie has multiple references to 11:11 throughout the flick.

In the opening scene of “Us,” we see Lupita Nyong’o’s character Adelaide as a young girl in 1986. While walking through a carnival on a boardwalk by the beach, she sees a homeless man with a piece of cardboard that reads “Jeremiah 11:11.” When she returns to the beach as an adult, she sees the same homeless man with the same cardboard sign, only now he’s being carted into an ambulance as a bloody corpse. (TheWrap)

Before You Go

The 11:11 reference has direct connections and ties to biblical meanings.

The most important thing in order to discover what number 1111 means is to discover the meaning of number 1, as well as the meaning of number 11. Number 1 is known for its spiritual properties and it is one of the most powerful numbers that you can receive right from the universe. It is usually called angel number, because angels use number 1 very often in order to send us messages from God. Number 1 is a symbol of optimism and positive thoughts that will help you go through the most difficult periods in your life. This number also resonates with self-leadership, strong intuition and success. (Angel Number)

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Written by Biz Jones

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