New York rapper Cardi B knows the average hip-hop fan wants to see smoke over love. The hip-hop diva has shared some thoughts on collaborating with fellow rap star Nicki Minaj on their new “Motorsport” anthem.

In Cardi’s opinion, the joint effort is somewhat a way for them to put an end to beef speculation.

“I mean yes. Like I mean, yes, practically, and it’s just like it’s so annoying like it’s just like I feel like people wouldn’t even be satisfied even if me and her was making out on a freaking photo. Or if I was with any other female artist. I feel like people just want that drama because it’s just entertaining.” (Complex)

A couple nights ago, Nicki Minaj stepped forward to address beef rumors surrounding “Motorsport.”

Earlier this week, Minaj went to Twitter to salute her “Motorsport” lyrics.