New York rapper Cardi B isn’t here for the debate. The hip-hop star has come forward to share her support for retired NBA star Dwyane Wade’s transgender daughter.

Big Facts: Cardi recently went to her Instagram Story page to explain why D-Wade’s mini-me shouldn’t feel any shame in making the transition.

“How old is too young? If you were born thinking you are a girl in a boy’s body, how old do you have to be to keep knowing that that’s who you are? That’s who you are. That’s your identity. If that’s who you feel you are – what is the age limit to know what you want to be? I seen a documentary before, not really a documentary, but like a long, 18-minute video on YouTube – this five-year-old girl, at five years old, she transitioned to be a girl and she knew that’s what she wanted to be because she knew that. She likes to wear dresses, she likes to play with Barbies and if you’re born like that, you’re going to forever be like that and whether the age you pick it to be, that’s your choice.”

High-Key Details: Over the past few days, rap star 50 Cent and hip-hop manager Wack 100 playfully trolled D-Wade with a savage meme featuring accused sexual predator R. Kelly.

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Internet is undefeated ….

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Wait, There’s More: Last week, Wade’s celebrity wife Gabrielle Union hit up her Instagram page with a direct message to anyone sending negativity her family’s way.

Before You Go: The same day, both rap star Young Thug and Wack 100 went to their social media pages with their stances on Union and her husband D-Wade supporting their 12-year-old’s decision to become transgender.