Cardi B Scores Small Victory In Security Guard Assault Case

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Cardi B has won a slight victory in her ongoing legal battle with a female security guard over an alleged assault that occurred in 2018. 

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A Small Victory

On Wednesday, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge dismissed the false imprisonment claim brought against the rapper in the lawsuit filed by the security guard, Emani Ellis. In the lawsuit, Emani Ellis claimed that she approached Cardi B to ask for a photo when the rapper became upset and a heated argument ensued. 

Ellis alleged that Cardi struck her in the head, face, and body, while also spitting on her and using racial slurs, as Ellis identifies as African American. She further accused Cardi and her team of using their influence to get her fired from her job at a medical building. 

Cardi B has denied all allegations. The recent court decision comes as a small victory for Cardi B, as the false imprisonment claim has been dismissed from the lawsuit. 

Court Rescheduled

This means that Ellis no longer has a legal basis to argue that she was unlawfully detained by Cardi B during the incident. The court has rescheduled the trial date from February to April 2024.

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Cardi B Refuses To Back Down In Security Guard Lawsuit

Cardi B is not backing down in her ongoing legal battle. As she gears up for an upcoming trial, the Bronx rapper has made a bold move to have several claims in a lawsuit filed by a security guard thrown out. 

The Bane Act

Recently, Cardi B has asked a Los Angeles Superior Court judge to dismiss two claims brought against her by a security guard. The lawsuit, which stems from an alleged medical office dispute, includes claims of false imprisonment and violation of the Bane Act, a California law that protects individuals from force or threats of violence against their constitutional rights.

The lawsuit was filed by a female security guard named Emani Ellis, who alleged that Cardi B physically assaulted her and “used multiple profanities and racial slurs against Ellis who is African American,” during the incident.

The Incident

Ellis asserted that she approached the “Bodak Yellow” rapper for a photo but was ultimately declined. During this period, Cardi B was pregnant with her eldest daughter, Kulture, but had not yet revealed the news to the world, maintaining a private pregnancy at the time.

Cardi’s defense argues that the claim of false imprisonment should be dismissed due to it being filed past the statute of limitations. The incident in question occurred in February 2018, while Ellis filed the lawsuit in February 2020. 

Additionally, the “Hot Sh!t” rapper’s legal team questions how she could have interfered with Ellis’s constitutional rights to engage in legitimate employment, as alleged. The judge has yet to rule on these motions.

Cardi Demands Dismissal

While Ellis claims that she was fired from her job as a result of Cardi B’s actions, representatives from the medical building deny these allegations. 

Cardi B, who denies all claims, demands the dismissal of all allegations and seeks to put an end to the legal battle. The upcoming trial is scheduled for February 1.

Cardi’s Past Legal Victory

In addition to her current legal battle, Cardi B has been caught up in other legal entanglements recently. 

Notably, she sued gossip blogger Tasha K for defamation and emotional damages, resulting in a victory for Cardi B. This ongoing legal saga highlights her readiness to take on those who spread falsehoods about her.

Offset Sued For Assault & Battery By Security Guard

Interestingly, Cardi B’s husband Offset has also found himself in a similar legal situation. In late November of 2023, Offset was sued for assault and battery by a security guard at ComplexCon. It appears that legal battles seem to follow this power couple, as they continue to face allegations and fight for their innocence.

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