New York rapper Cardi B really, really, really can’t get enough of her husband. The hip-hop star went online this week to dish on just how far she’s willing to go to put Offset on her most intimate of body parts.

Big Facts

Cardi went to Twitter Tuesday and kept things fully 100. She revealed what drawback forced her not to get Off’s name placed on her lower body.

“I wanted to get Offset name tatted on my p*ssy but I laser down there so I can’t.”

High-Key Details

Recently, Cardi went online to share some must-see fan tattoo artwork. The unnamed supporter’s ink features B’s face rocking red lipstick and sunglasses.

“FanTatt. I love it ..I hope this tatt is on an a** cheek. #Bardigang”

Wait, There’s More

Last Thursday, Cardi jumped on IG to geek out over a Bardi Gang supporter showing off a tat job. The massive tat is on the fan’s entire hand.

“WOW. I feel honored and love. I hope you masturbate a lot with that hand.”

Before You Go

In February, Cardi reflected on her former flames. The former stripper dished on her past boyfriends and why she settled down with Offset.

“If you dealing with one of my ex & he randomly tells you that he dated me ,you should leave a thank you comment under my post cause I most likely taught that n*kka how to eat p*ssy.”