New York rapper Cardi B and Offset have the cutest baby in the rap game. The hip-hop pair dealt with some photobombing courtesy of their daughter Kulture Kiari on a Father’s Day date.

Cardi x Father’s Day

On Monday, B went to her Instagram page to share the hilarious moment. In the pic, Kiari is shown with a huge smile while standing in-between her parents.

“Guess who photobomb me and @offsetyrn picture ? And she know she did it on purpose 😒😒🙄” -Cardi B’s Instagram
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Happy Father’s Day love ♥️

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High-Key Details

Cardi B recently went to Instagram with a batch of Kulture pics. The shots featured Kiari rocking gold chains, a fur coat and all-white Nike sneakers.

“When I see you I know I did something right for a blessing like you .” -Cardi B’s Instagram

Cardi B shares pics of Kulture
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You gotta bare with me

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Wait, There’s More

Recently, Cardi’s husband Offset went to Instagram with some must-like content. The rap star released a clip between his daughters Kulture Kiari and Kalea Marie.

“Sisterly Love 💕” -Offset’s Instagram

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Sisterly Love 💕

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Before You Go

In May 2020, Cardi went online with a must-see Kiari pic. B credited her sister Hennessy Carolina for coming through with the styling.

“I try to take pics 😩🙄🙄 Style by me .Thanks auntie @hennessycarolina for my cowgirl boots Fur : @iamjenniferle” -Cardi B’s Instagram

“My daughter “FASHION STATEMENTS” she not even 2 Yal in trouble” -Offset

“Sooooooo cutteeeeeeee auntie lovesssss you sooooo much!!!💖💖💖💖😘😘😘” -Hennessy Carolina

Cardi B’s daughter Kulture Kiari rocks her cowgirl attire