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Cardi B Names The First Rap Star To Co-Sign “Bodak Yellow” & It’s Pretty Surprising

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Cardi B
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New York rapper Cardi B won’t let a headache get 2018 started on the wrong foot. The hip-hop newcomer has hit up social media to shout-out love and support she’s received from fans – notably music mogul Diddy.

Cardi went to Instagram Sunday (December 31) and credited Puffy for getting behind her game-changing “Bodak Yellow” smash hit before anyone else.


B has spent the past few hours acknowledging both her popularity and haters.



Last night, Cardi blessed fans by turning up to “Bartier Cardi” in her bra and booty shorts.


Over the past few hours, B has shared just how much fan love she receives.



This week, Cardi came clean on why she frequently flexes her chart-topping numbers.

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Written by SOHH Squad

One Comment


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