In a day and age of albums having only one or two good songs, Cardi B delivers a B as in banger.

Listening to “Bodak Yellow,” “Motorsport,” “No Limit” and “Bartier Cardi,” we had to wonder if the Bronx, New York native could deliver a solid album – and she did just that.

Here are five Invasion of Privacy standouts putting her in a lane all by herself:

1. Get Up 10

“Said “I was just tryna chill and make bangers / Tell all these old b*tches they in danger / The thing on my hip whip b*tches into shape /That’s what I call a f*ckin’ waist trainer”


Get Up 10 sounds very reminiscent of Meek Mill‘s Dreams And Nightmare‘s Intro but the bars are all original. There are videos all on YouTube with Cardi B sporting a waist trainer…if you’re into that kind of stuff. According to Wikipedia, “Get Up 10” contains interpretations from “Dreams and Nightmares”, performed by Meek Mill. Also, did Cardi B throw a dart at Nicki Minaj with the line ‘Get money, go hard, you’re mothaf*ckin’ right/Never been a fraud in my mothaf*ckin’ life?’ – or nahhhhhh?

2. Be Careful

“Tell me where your mind is, drop a pin, what’s the coordinates?”

Probably the most technologically advanced bar we’ve heard in 2018. For those that don’t get it, the lines are a reference to Google Maps.

3. Best Life

“I said I never had a problem showin’ y’all the real me / Hair when it’s fucked up, crib when it’s filth / Way-before-the-deal me, strip-to-pay-the-bills me / ‘Fore I fixed my teeth, man, those comments used to kill me.”

Cardi B’s honesty is what sells her and we totally bought into these bars.

Bonus Bars

“N*gga, you a p*ssy and a rat, you like Tom and Jerry”

This was funny and clever at the same damn time.

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