New York rapper Cardi B is out here making the thirst trap proud. The hip-hop heavyweight has come forward to share a new pic of herself flexing bikini goals and showing off a huge tattoo.

Cardi Thirst

Last night, B went to Instagram with her must-like content. Cardi B shared a pic of herself donning a neon green bikini and revealing a tattoo which starts at her neck and goes down past her thighs.

“Givin you the blues ….. @fashionnova swimsuit ! GO COP IT BEFORE ITS GONE !” -Cardi B’s Instagram

The Big Reveal

On Friday, B went to her social media pages to show off the completed tattoo. The clip features an up-close look at her work of art which is made up of bright flowers and butterflies.

“My Tattoo” -Cardi B’s Twitter

Wait, There’s More

Earlier in the week, B went to Instagram to give followers a major up-close sneak peek. Cardi’s huge tat covered up a majority of her back.

“You guys can see my tat. I’m almost done! Two more sessions.” -Cardi B’s Instagram

Before You Go

This week, B went to Twitter to cave in for fans requesting new music updates. The hip-hop star trolled a follower about where she’s keeping her sophomore album.

“Inside my p*ssy” -Cardi B’s Twitter

When Cardi B was asked where her new album was, she had an interesting response